Why all is O.K…


The topic of climate change has been on the mainstream table now for over a decade. People have heard the facts such as how the significant bulk of climate changing emissions come from our oil driven transport and our coal powered energy. In this election campaign the people have also heard that the Libs support these significant contributor’s of these proven climate changing emissions, such as, additional open cut coal mining installations and the E-West Link. On top of this they have said loud and clear that they will not take a strong stance for environmental stability by scrapping carbon tax and the E.T.S. By supporting polluters by paying them incentives with tax-payer funds and by cutting taxes to the main contributors to global climate changing emissions, the big mining corporations.

People have been given these facts repeatedly so if, on saturday, LNP wins the election the Australian people really do deserve the punishment that they have asked for.
God Bless Democracy.


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